Genius math game

《Genius math game》 You can measure your math ability with the math genius, you can compete with your friends, you can exercise your brain.
During this period of time the transaction can be entered by going to the top of the list to the right of the jump.
Gifted maths, you need quick thinking and speed is based on the actual puzzle. This will speed up your play and you will improve your ability to trade.

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Game features:
– Support Tablet PC

Genius Math will be able to compete with your friends for the ability to compare your processing with other users.

Math Genius is low in size, simple in design, and is free of memory-useful games.

Start a new day with new math genius! A great game for brain training.

Through the Math Prodigy will develop your ability to think quickly, will increase your ability to do math, you will open your heart!

Your math competes with your friends every day through the rankings, weekly and monthly assessments will be able to see your location!

Your time is limited, the rapid progress of the difficulties in answering the level of transactions!

They play adjacent to the advanced level that you will see, increasing your ability to do math.

Solve the fast addition and multiplication!

Math Genius Math If you say my job is for you!

Math genius is a great game of math practice. Keep your body doing exercises in your brain!

Free math games can improve yourself!

Solve mathematical operations, act now!

✔ Low-profile, free
✔ Simple interface, along with challenging levels
✔ Highest score

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